Receive payments from any website by integrating our Merchant Payment Gateway.

Our Platform caters to the progressive needs of Trustees, Wealth Management, and other asset specialist occupations.

Let our team of diverse advisement assist you in the process of optimal resource management.

Let our global asset strategy library assist you in your plans for growth and longevity.

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Global Asset Exchange

Earn from buying, selling and exchanging assets. Asset can also be transferred within platform. The value of asset changes every 1hour based on live market prices.

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Manage multiple programs or projects with our robust system.

Arrange private terms for programs and created limited exposure scenarios to suit your entity.

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Loan Programs Available.

We charge 10% of loaned amount as interest fee. Balance must exceed or equal to 75% of loaned amount as collateral. Participation in loan programs will not be allowed until loan is paid.

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World Class Resource Advisory Available

Let our team of world class advisory associates assist you in managing your resource group for the long haul with diverse qualifications in financial strategies and market environments.

Frequent question
How do I find out more information about the site?

Please contact your referrer to the site in order to find more information. By law, we are not permitted to service the "general public", therefore, you will have to provide proper reference of organization to have an active account.

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Private internet banking is a secure online banking platform that enables cutomers make transfers to anyone in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in private environment.

Yes account update requsests can be made at any of the branches

Accounts become dormant after 12 months of inactivity.

Yes, the account can be operated through any of our online outlets.